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February 20, 2007

District Leadership Conference

On Friday, February 16, the Beta Eta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi held a formal dinner for all Beta Eta officers, advisors, district leaders, and a few alumni. Our sisters looked professional in the best pin attire, and the dining room filled with ADPi members of all ages. Newly initiated delta members served each table three courses: salad and rolls, a chicken entree, and a rich chocolate cake dessert with strawberries. Overall, formal dinner was a relaxing (and delicious) way to spend time with the VIP's of Alpha Delta Pi before the big weekend of our annual District Leadership Conference.

After dinner, the Executive Committee met with advisors for three hours to discuss lease issues, weekly announcements, philanthropy, recruitment ideas, and standards procedures. When the meeting was finally over, we quickly packed our bags and left for the Eagle Crest Marriott hotel in Ypsilanti, Michigan - where the District Leadership Conference activities would begin.

Twelve members attended the conference, including all eight members of the executive board in addition to philanthropy, scholarship, formal recruitment, and new member coordinator. Moreover, there were many other Alpha Delta Pi chapters at the Marriott. Girls traveled from as far as Nebraska and Canada. On Saturday morning, meetings began at nine, but as early as eight am, girls were already running up and down the halls screaming out ADPi cheers. The large conference room filled with sorority girls singing, "I've got all these sisters who rock my world," and other songs alike. I thought I was at a cheerleading convention.

Despite the spirit, District Leadership Conference was actually a serious opportunity to learn about the specifics of being an officer. I learned so much about my position that I was not aware of before attending the conference, and I think the other eleven attendees feel the same. We were in meetings from nine in the morning until ten at night on Saturday, only to start again at eight Sunday morning. We were all exhausted, stressed out from midterms, and sick of screaming sorority girls, but I can honestly say that the conference was benefitial. We all got a better sense of our responsibilities and the roles of our fellow officers. I believe our Executive board is closer now and more willing to communicate and work together as a board and with other officers.

And for your pleasure, we had to come up with a logo/slogan for our chapter, and this is what we created:

"We strive high... A-D-Pi...you know this... DIAMONDS!!!"
(There is also a very nice poster illustrating this slogan, and I strongly suggest you ask one of the officers if you can see it.)

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