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February 20, 2007

New ADPi Recruitment Plans Coming Together

After attending the District Leadership Conference this past weekend, our final plans for recruitment are coming together. Recruitment takes the enthusiasm, spirit, and energy of the chapter as a whole. The recruitment team consists of the Recruitment Vice President, Formal Recruitment Chair, Philanthropy Chair, Public Relations Chair and the Alumnae Relations Chair. Each member of the chapter belongs to a member of the executive board's team. Find out which team you are a part of!

The themes for recruitment parties have changed slightly from last year, but are not yet finalized, as they must first be approved by Panhel. The final plans are due in mid-March, and when they are finalized, all chapter members will be informed of the details. We have an amazing new song and theme ideas, and with the help of the foundation from previous years, the recruitment team hopes to make this year's recruitment the best ever! FUNshops for recruitment will begin the Monday after everyone returns from Spring Break, when we will be holding a needs assessment workshop, which is mandatory for all recently initiated delta members. This will help us decide on what attributes the ideal member of Alpha Delta Pi should have.

Next year during recruitment, we will be expecting much more senior involvement than has been received in the past. As was said earlier, it takes the entire chapter to make recruitment successful. Seniors will be assisting the recruitment team in holding workshops, training younger members on conversation skills, bump groups, and also to help with practices. All practices and party sets will be mandatory for all members, unless previously excused. Attendance policies will be enforced equally for all members, regardless of senority.

The recruitment team would also like to remind everyone to wear their letters every Wednesday. If you need more ADPi gear click here! It is neccessary for ADPi to have its name become well known on campus. Older members at UofM will have influence over the freshman that go through formal recruitment, and sophomores go through recruitment as well. Please always remember to act in a manner representative of what Alpha Delta Pi stands for. Be respectful, classy, and also take pride your personal appearance.

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