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February 08, 2007

Women Leading Women Conference

On Wednesday, February 7, 2007, the University of Michigan Panhellenic Association held its annual Women Leading Women Conference. Attendees included the Executive Committee members and additional officers of each Panhellenic sorority on campus. Specifically, Alpha Delta Pi brought ten members: Our president Ellen, Director of Standards Kaitlin, VP Finance Kelly, Director of Social Enrichment Casey, Member Education Vice President Freya , Scholarship Chair Jessica, Philanthropy Chair Jessica, Formal Recruitment Chair Kaitlyn, New Member Coordinator Kelley, and Public Relations Chair Andrea. Rebecca, as MEVP of the Panhellenic council facilitated the event.

The goal of this workshop was to inform chapter leaders on how to be more influential within the sorority houses and throughout campus. Keynote speakers addressed leadership tactics, job skills, and relationships among different houses. Additionally, each officer joined a group with members of other chapters to discuss issues, solutions, and job responsibilities. The Alpha Delta Pi Traveling Leadership Consultant also spoke about the many different sorority creeds and the important ties between houses on campus. Finally, each group discussed a "case study" related to specific problems associated with the group's position. A spokesperson relayed the information, concerns, and solutions with a short presentation to the entire conference. A reception followed the workshop with fruit, cheese, and cookies.

Overall, the Women Leading Women Conference was valuable, and I would like to share some of the main points:

1. Leadership tips: Have respect for others, show compassion, provide positive feedback, never say no - say "instead..." and create a plan of action, remain calm under stress, be an attentive listener, be willing to take risks, challenge yourself, ask for help when needed, and stand up for yourself.

2. Campus involvement: Look to other houses for support and help with issues, support other houses' philanthropy projects, collaborate, remember that friendly competition never hurts, do not stereotype, and always show respect.

3. Advisors: Appreciate your advisors, let them know you are grateful, do not embarrass your advisors with your actions, and respect their time and other commitments.

4. Solving house issues: Analyze the situation, prioritize concerns, provide a plan of action, follow through with the plan, set goals for the future, and follow up.

For more information about the University of Michigan Panhellenic Association, please visit the official website. The Association is a great resource for you!

Posted by shillaik at February 8, 2007 06:31 PM


I just wanted to congratulate the Recruitment teams from all the houses on creating what was chosen as the best solution to our case study provided. Additionally, I wanted to say that the Social chairs put on the most entertaining solution.

After talking with our TLC on Thursday, I have so many new ideas for recruitment and am very excited for next fall and for DLC this coming weekend. I hope everyone else benefited from meeting with our Leadership consultant as well.

Posted by: ckaitlyn at February 10, 2007 06:06 PM

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