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March 06, 2007

Alcohol Awareness Workshop

On Monday, March 5, 2007, Alpha Delta Pi held this semester's mandatory Alcohol Awareness Workshop. Run by the chapter Membership Education Vice President, Freya Motafram, the workshop was intended to inform our sisters of the effects of alcohol and give pointers on how to party safer.

Alcohol is the most widely used drug on the University of Michigan campus. It is also the most prevalent date rape drug. The parties are fun ways to socialize with other students throughout campus, but the consequences of misusing alcohol are devastating. Binge drinking can lead to unconsciousness, alcohol poisoning, and in the worst case, death. Please be responsible and use the following pointers to stay safe:

1. Take responsibility for your sisters. If someone you're with has had too much, don't be worried that she might get mad at you if you tell her to stop drinking. Always stick together, and look out for each other. If you leave the house together, come home together.

2. Pour your own drinks, and keep track of how many drinks you have had. A drink constitutes one shot, a small glass of wine, or a 12oz beer. Be aware that mixed drinks often contain up to three shots of alcohol. Most importantly, if you set your drink down, even if just for a second, get a new one. Don't give anyone the chance to slip something into your drink.

3. Signs of alcohol poisoning include lack of consciousness, slowed breathing, vomiting while unconscious, cold or clammy skin, and the inability to be woken up. If anybody you know is in this state, stay with them. Don't try to force them to eat, keep them on their side in the fetal position, and be aware of choking. And if you are unsure, call 911. Please do not be afraid of legal consequences. An MIP is much better than losing your friend.

4. In the state of Michigan, your body is a container. It is illegal to have anything in your system if you are under the age of 21. If 21, it is illegal to drive if your blood alcohol level is .08 or above. Never let your friend drive drunk, wander home alone, or make belligerent irrational decisions.

5. Keep your drinking below a level at which your rationale or inhibitions are greatly reduced. Unawareness of your actions may lead to regretful decisions, injury, or unsafe sexual encounters. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings, and overall, just be responsible. I can't stress this fact enough. It is ok to party, but be smart, and stay safe. Besides, nobody likes a sloppy drunk.

If you have any questions on how to control your drinking, or if you think you need to talk to somebody, Alpha Delta Pi has two Pulse leaders - Mandie Lupone and Jessica Barr - and a Sapac member - Allison Merideth. They are always willing to help.

Additionally, please visit thisAlcohol Awareness Pagefor more facts on alcohol usage and its effects on your body.

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