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March 22, 2007


Team What? Team One!!!

On this past Tuesday evening Team 1 finally stepped our game up and left with first place in the Dance-Off Competition that has held at The Necto on E. Liberty in downtown Ann Arbor.

Thanks to our amazing Variety Team Captains, Ms. Ashlynn McGill and Mr. Matt Gahman, we were able to be victorious. Ashlynn and Matt danced their way through rounds one and two first with a dance-off followed by a prepared routine. Round three consisted of only five teams that were chosen to advance. After watching the next five prepared routines our team anxiously awaited the results. An explosive burst of cheering from all of our team one supporters when they announced team one as the winners. It was great to see Ashlynn and Matt's faces and see the pride all of our members had for our team that night.

This is the TURNING POINT!!!

Besides a first place victory what does this mean? This is the turning point for team 1! Like Kelly had blogged about previously our interest in winning has seemed to disappear. Well Greek Week teams around campus, we're BACK and we're BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!!

So ladies and gentlemen let's keep it up! Let's keep showing up in large numbers so that we can win the spirit points and not just the events!

Team One Love!!!

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