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March 29, 2007

Greek Week 2007 Champions - Team 1!

The results are in:

The 2007 Greek Week Champions are none other than Team 1, consisting of our own Beta Eta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Delta Upsilon. This year's win marks the fifth ADPi Greek Week victory out of the last seven years. Needless to say, our girls deserved this title. For the last week and a half, we have worked so hard at promoting participation, cheering on our team members, putting 100% efforts into the competitions, and demonstrating that we are the best team out there.

Greek Week ended on Tuesday, March 27, 2007, with the Sing and Variety performances. Sing is an annual competition in which eighteen members of each team perform a short acapella montage complete with costumes and choreography. This year, Team 1 sang to the theme of "8th Grade's Back" with song choices like "All My Life," and "Baby Got Back." Costumes consisted of khakis with dress shirts for the guys and pleated skirts with white blouses for the girls. Couples danced at arm's length and disc-jockeyed with imaginary turntables. Their voices were phenomenal, and the Sing team placed second in the overall competition. Congratulations Sing!!

Variety is an annual dance competition between the thirteen Greek Week teams. Our variety team has been working on the performance since the end of January, with some weeks consisting of twelve hours of practice. This year's theme was "Remember The Name" and included hit songs from popular artists like Chris Brown, Usher, and Justin Timberlake. The Variety dancers incorporated hip hop, modern dance, and acrobatic flips into the performance. For costumes, girls wore baby-blue shirts with white sweatpants, and guys wore dark bluejeans with blue t-shirts, white gloves, and white hats. Due to a combination of impressive choreography, synchronization, flips, and stage presence, our Variety team received the third place trophy. Congratulations Variety!!

As a result of these two placings, on top of the multiple other top-place performances over the week, Team 1 beat our competition from Team 6 by a small margin of under 100 points. When the winner was announced from the stage of Hill Auditorium, our entire section jumped in the air and filled the auditorium with screams of happiness. The feeling was unreal. After, the team walked/ran over to the PIKE fraternity house on Washtenaw to celebrate together. It was an all-around amazing night.


To read a summary of the activities, fundraising details, and events completed during Greek Week 2007, please visit the G.U.T.S website.

As the new Champion, Alpha Delta Pi will receive a percentage of the proceeds raised by the Greek Week activities to donate to our national philanthropy, The Ronald McDonald House.

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