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March 13, 2007

"My Tie" at the Cavern Club

Last Thursday, ADPi had its second date party of the semester at the Cavern Club. This is also the second time that a date party has been held there this year. The first date party was held early in September, before we recruited a new pledge class. Thursday's theme was "my tie". The goal was to have a sister ask for your date's tie, and then when your date shows up, he sees you wearing his tie, and then he says, "hey that's my tie...you must be my date!" While most people simply asked their dates themselves, a lot of sisters still enjoyed the theme and wore their date's ties to the party.

Cavern club is conveniently located in Ann Arbor, so it is an easy date party to get to, however, as always it is against our risk management policy to come or go not on the ADPi buses. It is a uniquely decorated club, with a lot of seating areas, a bar, and a dance area. To learn more click here!

This was our last informal date party of the semester. Get ready for formal ladies, it is going to be held on March 30th!

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