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March 05, 2007

Needs Assessment

Tonight after chapter the annual Needs Assessment workshop was held. Although only the '06 pledge class attended, it is important that the entire chapter be aware of what was discussed at this workshop. Every member has attended this workshop before at some point, and has given their input, and so should realize its importance. The workshop helps determine the current status of the chapter. It is designed to help the chapter assess strengths and weaknesses and areas of challenge or potential growth. At the workshop we establish a guideline or roadmap for chapter development. It is also necessary to define what the ideal ADPi member should be, this way during recruitment, the whole chapter knows what qualities to look for in a potential new member.

These are the results:

Strengths Within Chapter:
• Down to earth
• Reliable
• "Chill" / Laid Back
• Balance between work/play
• Well dressed
• Classy
• Well mannered
• Outgoing
• Campus involvement
• Not all blonde/diverse
• Laid back

Areas for Improvement:
• Bid day
• More activities with frats and sororities
• Stronger academics
• Reputation on campus
• More activities while alpha members

Strenths in Other Chapters:
• Less cliquey
• More (better) reputation
• Close knit – bond more
• Stronger academics
• Outgoing, excited about house
• Seem uniform
• More activities, date parties
• Fraternity relations – more, branch out with sororities too
• Better bid day

Ideal ADPi member:
• Classy, well mannered
• social skills, fun
• Spirited
• Desire to be in house
• Down to earth
• Good academics, good grades
• Involved (on campus)
• Outgoing
• Friendly, cheerful
• Polite

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