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March 20, 2007


Greek Week is in full force, but unfortunately, many of the Beta Eta sisters are not. When we found out we were with Pike at the pairings party in January, the whole campus was talking about how Greek Week was OVER - Pike and ADPi had it in the bag. But now that Greek Week is actually here and events are taking place, our team is not showing up. We may have amazing partners and years of Greek Week experience, but girls, we cannot win unless we go to activities, participate, and make a full effort to do our best in EVERY event. This means signing up for State St. Day events, eating at Za's or NYPD, going to Journey of Dreams, watching Mr. Greek Week, cheering on Sing/Variety, swimming laps at Anchor Splash, and giving blood. All of the little things add up - we need your points!!

Furthermore, the girls that are participating need our support. Haley and Kaity have been sacrificing everything to plan our entire week, Jessica has put hours of her own time into Mr. Greek Week, and Ashlynn has been dancing until 3am every night this week for the dance-off and variety. Plus, the SING team and Variety teams have been practicing 3 days a week since February. This amount of work shows what Greek Week should mean to ADPi. Greek Week is about Charity, and the fundraisers will not work without our support. Other teams are raising the bar; where is team 1?

As the week progresses, the most important thing to remember is that this is not even close to being over. We can turn the rankings around in just a few events. Being a part of a team means acting like a team. We have to support our sisters and have respect for each other. Have respect for event coordinators, help out our greek week representatives, and despite the outcomes, maintain respect for the steering committee. Everyone has put SO much work into this week, and we need to remember that the entire point of Greek Week is Charity!

So in conclusion, we need to step it up. Go to the dance-off tonight, Journey of Dreams tomorrow, State St. Day on Friday, Anchor Splash on Sunday, Mr. Greek Week on Monday, and Sing/Variety on Tuesday. The end is a week away, and this is supposed to be the most exciting week of the year. Have fun with it, and remember what Alpha Delta Pi is all about - sisterhood, philanthropy, loyalty, and fun!

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Posted by shillaik at March 20, 2007 11:19 AM


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