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March 20, 2007

Schedule for Greek Week: Week 2

Alright ladies, Greek week has officially begun so lets get out there to all the events and show our Team 1 Spirit!

Here are the events still to come:

19th - 22nd: Blood Drive (let's save some lives ladies!)

20th: Dance Contest at Necto at 9pm

21st: Journey of Dreams 7pm at Rackham Auditorium (This is mandatory! It determines our seating for Sing and Variety!)

23rd: State Street Day
Fooseball: 11am at Phi Psi
Obstable Course: 11am-12pm at Chi Psi
Volleyball: 11am-2pm at ADPhi
Tug of War: 12-3pm at Phi Psi
Food Eating Contest aka Scooper Bowl: 1-1:30pm at Sig Ep
Arm Wrestling: 2:30-4pm at ADPhi
Musical Chairs: 2:30-3pm at Sig Ep
Corn Hole: 3-5pm at Chi Psi
Mascot Challenge: 3pm

24th: AnchorSplash! 12:30-3pm at Canham Natatorium

24th: G Men Concert 8pm, MLB Aud 3

26th: Mr. Greek Week 7pm, Power Center (This is also mandatory, it is ADPi's event and it's for our philanthropy!)

27th: Sing and Variety 7pm, Hill Auditorium

*Remember, if you can't compete in an event, just show up and cheer for your sisters and earn spirit points! Don't forget to wear your team shirts (you know they're cute)

We'll be sure to keep you posted with the results from all of the events throughout the week so check back here for results!

You can also visit the Greek Week website for more information:

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