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April 11, 2007

Final Recruitment Themes!

After attending a meeting with the rush chairs from each house, our recruitment themes have been approved. This entry will tell you what you need to wear and where you can purchase the clothes!

First Set (Mixers) - September 16, 17 -
For this set the theme is ADPi Casino Queens. Wear one all black piece and one all black and white piece. A black and white dress is acceptable as well. The white in the outfit must be noticeable – pinstripe dress pants aren’t exactly what we are looking for unless the stripes are thick. Wear stripes, flowers, polka dots, lace, anything! Make sure it is dressy, keep it classy. Keep in mind that it will probably be hot during mixers, especially with the house full and you being nervous, so you may not want to wear pants and a sweater. Wear black dress shoes- sandals or closed toe, but make sure they are comfortable. No flip flops. No tights or nylons. Fun black or white jewelry or simple silvery jewelry will make a great addition to your outfit!

Second Sets - September 19, 20 -
Second sets is a new theme this year called Summer of ADPi! For this set we will be wearing a solid pastel color t-shirt or tank top. The shirts will be ordered after each person selects a color to wear - and as a bonus, they are free!! As bottoms you should wear either pastel, stripe, or plaid colors that go well with the color top you selected. It would be best if they were seersucker style. These should be kept in pastel colors or white. You may choose to wear shorts, capris or bermuda shorts. For shoes wear flip flops that match your outfit well. You may wear sunglasses in your hair if you would like as well. There are several stores carrying these styles of shorts and capris right now:

J. Crew solid color shorts
J. Crew shorts and bermudas
American Eagle Shorts
American Eagle Capris
Old Navy Shorts and Capris
Pacific Sunwear Shorts
Abercrombie and Fitch Shorts and Capris
Hollister Shorts and Capris

Third Sets - September 25, 26 -
Wear a solid white dress. It can have minimal lace or design, but it must be all white, not cream or anything else. The dress should not be inappropriately short, nor should it fall far below the knee. It can be strapless, spaghetti, tube top, halter…anything you want. You will be given teal ribbon to tie around your dress somewhere, so keep this in mind while selecting a dress. Shop for this early! If you wait until the last minute to find a dress, and you can’t find one, you won’t be able to rush, the house will suffer, and you will be fined. Do not risk it, shop early, and don’t return to school in the fall without one! (You need a white outfit for initiation anyway, this will be perfect!) You can also wear a white or teal headband if it is approved by the RVP or FRC. If you would like to wear your hair up, you must wear a teal ribbon. Wear white dress shoes they can be cute flats or lower heels, as long as they match appropriately with your dress. If you are wearing a short dress, you probably don’t want to wear really high heels. Remember, you want to be comfortable and look classy! Wear diamonds (if you have them) or rhinestones. If you have real tiffany’s jewelry, wear it!
There are some stores that have really great white dresses right now – so again, shop early:

Old Navy Dresses
Victoria's Secret Dresses
American Apparel Dresses

Preferences - September 28 -
This is the easiest set to find clothes for. Wear an all black cocktail dress. Keep it classy, keep it fancy, and look beautiful. Wear black shoes that match your dress well. Simple black or silver jewelry that goes well with your dress is perfect. You always need that "little black dress" in your wardrobe, so if you don't have one, don't feel bad about buying one because you will always wear it again. You could even wear it to formal or semi formal!

On a final note, please follow the directions for the outfits. You know what is appropriate and what is not. If your outfit is not approved by either the Recruitment Vice President or Formal Recruitment Chair, you will not be allowed to recruit that set. Don't let that happen! If you shop early you can wear your outfit all summer! Just remember not to wear your outfits once you return to school, as this may constitute a recruitment violation.

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