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April 12, 2007

Jewel Degree

History of the Jewel Degree

The Jewel Degree was established in 1915 as an alumnae degree to complete our Alpha Delta Pi ritual. It expresses the Alpha Delta Pi ideal of service to humanity. It is conferred upon graduating seniors or initiated members who have assumed an alumna status.

The Jewel Degree is a beautiful ceremony inspired by Henry Van Dyke's "The Story of the Other Wise Man" (1896), and was named in honor of Jewel Davis Scarborough, Alpha Chapter and founding member of Delta Chapter, who was Grand President at the time the ceremony was adopted. The ceremony was written by Mary Thayer Ashman, assisted by Doris Holmes Blake, both of Rho Chapter, and further refined by Georgina Hobson Hendricks of Alpha Beta Chapter.

Alumnae conferring the Jewel Degree are reminded that it is a ritual ceremony of Alpha Delta Pi, and it should be conducted with the same planning and reverent atmosphere as other ceremonies. In addition to the ritual aspect, it is encouraged that the event be used to educate seniors on alumnae membership and to recruit them for alumnae association membership.


Any graduated member of Alpha Delta Pi (in good standing) or member who has left school permanently (in good standing) may receive the Jewel Degree. Seniors may receive the degree just in advance of their graduation.

Chapter members are not knowledgeable about or informed of the secrets of the ceremony. Any questions regarding Jewel Degree or the specific paraphernalia needed should be directed to the Alumnae-Collegiate Relations Director or Executive Office.

If you are a graduating senior and are interested in receiving the jewel degree contact me, Rebecca Brewer at rlbrewer@umich.edu

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