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April 10, 2007

Kelly's Deli.cio.us Tagging Experience

The Deli.cio.us Tagging Site is an interesting tool to use for saving and accessing my favorite websites from any location. Before BIT200, I had never heard of Deli.cio.us, and experimenting with tagging has provided me with internet search experience, along with a lifetime tool useful for any occasion, at home or work.

Over the semester, I was able to tag 150 sites. Starting the assignment, I never thought I would find that many interesting sites. Furthermore, over a third of those tags are related to technology. At the beginning of the semester, I knew very little about the topic, and searching through over 50 technology sites has greatly increased my knowledge of computer systems and business information technology.

The Deli.cio.us Site also came in handy when completing assignments for other classes. In my UC245 class, we are graded on take-home written midterms. After researching information at the library, I often saved research sites to my Deli.cio.us account from the library computer, making it easier to find the sites from my home computer. For this reason, 11 tags are tagged with "uc245" and relate to this University of Michigan class.

Many of my tags have a recognizable chronological order. For example, I searched sites related to the BIT class' weekly topic. The tags also reflect the events occurring in my life - in my classes and and my sorority. I tagged websites with supplemental information to my weekly blogs, all referring to my sorority Alpha Delta Pi. These websites are provided as html links in each blog entry. Out of the 18 sites tagged for ADPi, about half are included in my topical blog site.

Many of the tags also come from websites referred by other Deli.cio.us users. Although, I never followed a particular user in my network, I often looked through the "Today's Popular Tags" posted by many other users from throughout the Deli.cio.us network. These tags were incredibly interesting and often related to BIT class topics. I discovered sites I never would have found on my own.

Overall, Deli.cio.us is a great tool. I would recommend it to any internet user who wishes to access bookmarks from many different sites. It was surprisingly easy to use, and I learned so much information just from searching through the sites. This assignment was valuable to my topical blog assignment and to the BIT200 course as a whole.

Posted by shillaik at April 10, 2007 12:14 PM


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