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April 12, 2007

Rebecca's del.icio.us Experience

After this semester I have been introduced to one of the most useful and easy to use internet tools: Del.icio.us!!!

At first using delicious was very tidious to me because I did not realize how I could put it to use for myself. Then when assigned a project from Spanish class here at UofM I found how delicious became a part of my day to day online usage. While researching for my project I used delicious to tag sites that I later wanted to pull information from. This made meeting with my group extremely efficient and productive. I did not need to worry about bringing my computer to our meeting place because with delicious I can access my tagged websites from any computer with the internet.

Delicious has also made it easier for me to visit websites that I have difficulty remember their web address. All of the websites that I find on a wim I tag to delicious in case I want to visit them again. When researching and viewing sites that are suggested by other websites this proves to be especially helpful!

Everything I need is right there in delicious too!!! Being able to break things down into categories makes everything I need for example for my sorority, or for my LHC presentation all in one place!

I can honestly say that delicious has replaced my favorites folder on my we browser! This has made my experience using the internet not only easier but more enjoyable as a whole. I know that I will continue to use delicious a great deal in my future!

~Rebecca Brewer

Posted by rlbrewer at April 12, 2007 11:25 PM


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