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April 13, 2007

Summary and Farewell

As the semester draws to a close and the Alpha Delta Pi sisters of Beta Eta Chapter start studying for finals, we realize it is almost time to move out of the house for the summer. ADPi activities at the house will be put on hold until fall semester, and therefore, so will our blog.

Throughout the semester, our blog has allowed us to keep readers informed about important topics and events regarding the members of our sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. As a blogging team, we were able to publish information about the ADPi history, Greek Week, date parties, intramurals, events in the Greek community, philanthropy projects, and results from workshops and meetings. Over time, the postings developed from a general introduction to our Sorority, including history and fun facts, to a detailed Calendar of Events, along with important updates and information regarding these events. As the blog progressed, it became more than just a list of facts - but rather a communicational resource between our team and the members of our house. After providing an impersonal introduction, we were eventually able to sincerely express our feelings about the sorority and stress the significance of certain topics or events.

By connecting our blog to the links saved on our delicious accounts, we allowed members to research additional information about Alpha Delta Pi and other related topics. This has been especially helpful regarding recruitment outfits and Greek Week, as members were able to visit shopping sites or frequently check the Greek Week standings posted on the official Greek Week web page. The links turned our blog site into an interactive informational media source for the Beta Eta members.

By writing information about ADPi, we not only conveyed information to our sisters, but we also learned many things about Alpha Delta Pi, which we were previously unaware of before participating in this assignment. The blogs about topics such as the rituals, history, and national facts taught us about the most important aspects of our sorority, outside of the social scene. We feel this blog can show other readers not as knowledgeable of the Greek System that houses are more than year-long parties; we are a group of people with the same interests committed to helping the University of Michigan community through philanthropy, support, and networking.

We want to thank you for reading our blog, and we hope that you found our postings informative and interesting. As a team and officers of the Beta Eta Chapter, we plan to continue this blog in the fall, as we feel it has become an important communicational aspect of our sorority.

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