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November 30, 2007

Blogs make money too!

As we propel through this cyber age, the emergence of different types of technology have often created different eras of hype. With blogging being such a prominent part of life for so many people and becoming the “thing” of this era, it is only reasonable to imagine all the business behind the using and creation of blogs.

With business blogs, corporations are able to market themselves in an economic way, while the potential audience could reach up to hundreds of millions. A successful business blog not only advertises products or services of the corporation, it also draws the audience closer to the company, creating a special type of bond that might not be achieved by other means. This could only mean more to corporations that has a targeted audience of teenagers, which takes up a hefty portion of bloggers.

While corporations might find blogs to be an efficient marketing tools, makers of public blog space had also turned their websites into money making tools. Take Xanga for example. This public blog space provides basic features of blogging to their basic users, while their “premium users” (ranging from a fee of $4 to $100 depending on the length), would have access to more features such as higher bandwidth for videos and pictures.

But there are much more than just these. No longer do the earning oppurtunites only lie with these blog space makers, but in the blogger themselves.

Darren Rowse explains different methods of making money by blogging.

He also share his personal experience at another entry.

So for those blogging lovers out there, maybe it is time to turn this hobby into an earning machine!

Posted by clkwanz at November 30, 2007 06:47 PM