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December 02, 2007

Recommended Blogs

In my last entry, I talked about why we blog and how powerful blogging is. In this entry, I am going to choose some inspiring blogs fromt this huge, forever-expanding World Wide Web.

In my previous entry "why blog?", I forgot to mention about political blogs earlier. Political blogs are very commonly used by politicians to express their view. In their entries, they usually present very well supported arguments. Some prominent politicians however, use blog as a way to advertise for his or her campaign.

Check out Hillary Clinton's Blog: http://www.hillaryclinton.com/blog/
Being a busy candidiate, Hillary does not have time to write entry for her blog. Instead, her blogger Crystal Patterson writes for her.

If you do like specific blogs written by particular people, you can go to some big blogging websites, which show public entries of its bloggers.
One of my favourite websites is http://dailykos.com/

Looking for something lighter? Another favourite blog of mine is Carpe Diem, a blog on daily economics by Professor Mark J. Perry. http://mjperry.blogspot.com/ His stories are just inspiring!

Next: Tips of Blogging. How to blog more efficiently!

Posted by clkwanz at December 2, 2007 05:47 PM