December 06, 2007

What's next?

While doing my research on the internet, a question just comes to me. How fast is the blogosphere growing? How many blogs are out there? According to a research done by Neil Sanderson,, so far there are 70m webblogs tracked.

It's no doubt that there are so many blogs that even if we spend our whole lives non-stop looking at blogs, we can probably only see a little glimpse of the blogosphere.

With the evolution of blogs, the definition of it is starting to blur out. Started out as just a simple online diary, blogging had branched out into so many other different mediums. If you are tired of using the old way to blog, there are always easier ways.

Don't like to type? Try video blogs! Post videos on video sharing website, such as youtube on a regular basis. Blog by recording a clip of yourself.

Meanwhile, as more and more social networking websites emerge, like facebook and myspace with the function of blog implemented, blogging is no longer just writing an entry. Blog has become a part of socializing and networking with other people.

In conclusion, there doesn’t seem to be a limit to what blogs is doing to our lives. Go back a few years, and we see an article on CNET describing the future of blogging :

It definitely seems like the question in the heading: “whether blogs, short for Web logs, have the staying power to become more than just online diaries? has been answered.

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December 04, 2007

Tips on Blogging

So after browsing others' blog, I learned many tiny tips on blogging. The first question is, what's the most important when blogging? This is a very simple question! The contents of your entries. A good entry will have sufficient evidence to support the claims even for the simplest statement made by the blogger.

There are many available resources online. I usually find statistics and information on

It is also essential that not to only write about what we care. There are readers of our blog. To capture their attention, we need to make our entries creative and unique. So pick a good topic and find an interesting perspective to write the topic!

Now we have the cake(the content of the blog), what we need to do is to put icing and cream on it. Dress up the blog with pictures and videos and colors. Depends on the contents, use the appropriate language. Not too long or too short.

Ultimately, what we are trying to do with a blog is not just trying to entertain and educate others, but also to DISTINGUISH OURSELVES!

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December 02, 2007

Recommended Blogs

In my last entry, I talked about why we blog and how powerful blogging is. In this entry, I am going to choose some inspiring blogs fromt this huge, forever-expanding World Wide Web.

In my previous entry "why blog?", I forgot to mention about political blogs earlier. Political blogs are very commonly used by politicians to express their view. In their entries, they usually present very well supported arguments. Some prominent politicians however, use blog as a way to advertise for his or her campaign.

Check out Hillary Clinton's Blog:
Being a busy candidiate, Hillary does not have time to write entry for her blog. Instead, her blogger Crystal Patterson writes for her.

If you do like specific blogs written by particular people, you can go to some big blogging websites, which show public entries of its bloggers.
One of my favourite websites is

Looking for something lighter? Another favourite blog of mine is Carpe Diem, a blog on daily economics by Professor Mark J. Perry. His stories are just inspiring!

Next: Tips of Blogging. How to blog more efficiently!

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November 30, 2007

Blogs make money too!

As we propel through this cyber age, the emergence of different types of technology have often created different eras of hype. With blogging being such a prominent part of life for so many people and becoming the “thing? of this era, it is only reasonable to imagine all the business behind the using and creation of blogs.

With business blogs, corporations are able to market themselves in an economic way, while the potential audience could reach up to hundreds of millions. A successful business blog not only advertises products or services of the corporation, it also draws the audience closer to the company, creating a special type of bond that might not be achieved by other means. This could only mean more to corporations that has a targeted audience of teenagers, which takes up a hefty portion of bloggers.

While corporations might find blogs to be an efficient marketing tools, makers of public blog space had also turned their websites into money making tools. Take Xanga for example. This public blog space provides basic features of blogging to their basic users, while their “premium users? (ranging from a fee of $4 to $100 depending on the length), would have access to more features such as higher bandwidth for videos and pictures.

But there are much more than just these. No longer do the earning oppurtunites only lie with these blog space makers, but in the blogger themselves.

Darren Rowse explains different methods of making money by blogging.

He also share his personal experience at another entry.

So for those blogging lovers out there, maybe it is time to turn this hobby into an earning machine!

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November 29, 2007

Why Blog?

The blogosphere, the totality of the universe, is extremely powerful. The term is derived from "logosphere" in Greek, meaning the world of words and the universe of discourse.

There are two kinds of blogs: personal blogs and business blogs. Personal blogs are a mixture of a personal diary, opinion posts and research links, while business blogs are a corporate tool for communicating with customers or employees to share news and information.

Sandhill Trek has put together a list of why people blog. blog is much more than just a media for people to convey their messages. It allows readers to leave comments and feedback, in other words, it allows a direct interaction among the blogger and the readers. That's why blog is so powerful.

Blogs are not only tied to words. Features such as uploading photos and video enable bloggers to enrich their contents.

Why Blog? Because people can tell the world what they think in one go.

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November 15, 2007

My topic for the mBlog assignment

*The BLOG on Blogs*

As a woman, I am always quite indecisive. It took me about a month to decide on the topic of my mBlog. So for the last month, I have been searching for something inspiring on the RSS reader, Delicious for people's bookmarks. I thought of writting about books, sports, food and life (aka philosophy).

Fortunately in the last BIT class, I was inspired by you guys! Mark was saying, "It's great to see most of you have started your blog, but for some people, you got to start!" So I went to see what my dear fellow classmates have blogged. I must say that I was deeply ashamed to look at their well written and presented blog entries.

and then the light bulb lit up!

I am dedicating my assignment on BLOG itself!

So here I am, writting about blogs. I will try my very best to not be boring and present you new perspectives about blogging or what is interesting about certain blogs. Hope you will enjoy reading my blog(that is you, my grader!)

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October 02, 2007


Hello, World!

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