August 16, 2007

Firefox extensions

What amazing tools! Unfortunately, I don't feel that I really have a grasp on the basics, much less the full potential (the preview in class just blew me away). I did manage to do the exercises, but it wasn't just the slow internet that made it difficult--there's just so much to learn. This is a workshop that definitely should have been longer, or, if that was really impossible, perhaps more time could have been spent on the basics, so that the exercises could even have been done in class (although there is the practical impossibility of doing #11--oh well). Often, when you feel comfortable with part of a process, it's easier to go in & explore on your own.

But, if I ever have some time to explore & play (sorry, for the moment, I don't have internet access at home, so work time is the only time; yes, I know I live in the Dark Ages), I think I'll like these tools very much.

And yes, in spite of the 2 assistants I did fall behind in class, as did my neighbor. Please, more time if it's taught again!

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Well, this is very unfortunate--I had to leave for a meeting, & didn't finish a post, so now I get to embed a video again!!! in my blog.

Wow!! the internet is moving faster than this morning!

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July 02, 2007


OK, so I finally got another flickr account (& kept my sign-in info!) & joined the MLibrary2.0 group.

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June 29, 2007

2nd workshop

I've already tried out before, so the first part of the workshop was review (but I did add some new bookmarks).

Flckr was new--I'd heard of it & briefly visited the site, but didn't really know much about how it worked. I'm still a little fuzzy--it would have been helpful to have had us upload a photo as a group & practice a few other skills. Now, if only I could access my account!

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June 14, 2007

my first post

This is my first post.

But rather than have that wonderful first line as the whole post, I'm updating it with my thoughts on the blog/RSS workshop, which I liked very much. It was well organized. The tools were described, & then we were led through exercizes so that we all had experience with both applications by the end of the workshop. Much better than just showing us!

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