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July 03, 2007

My accomplishments so far

I'm attempting to complete all 13 items for the Library 2.0 program. I'm using voice-activated software to write in this blog and it seems to work just fine. This reminds me so much of writing in a diary when I was in high school it's kind of spooky.

So, what have I done so far? I've created this blog, but I haven't sent the address to Dave Carter yet. I think I'm going to wait until I get some more of these items done before I send anything to Dave Carter. These blog thingies are just way too public.

I've also set up an account on Google Reader and have just created a Flickr account. Sometimes this voice-activated software really amazes me. How did it recognize Flickr, spell it correctly and capitalize it when it doesn't recognize so many other common words? I have a Facebook account, but I have not yet joined the MLibrary 2.0 group.

So, I still have some work ahead of me. More thoughts later...

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