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October 31, 2006

Not playing around: Scientists say video games can reshape education

This article is interesting as it draws on the connections that video game designers and marketers have tried to establish between their products and educational value. Typical sentiment towards the video game industry has been negative over the past several years, denouncing its glorification of violence, murder, and abuse. But designers and marketers are trying to turn this image around, focusing on the “analytical thinking, team building, multitasking and problem-solving under duress” skills that avid gamers are developing as a result of their time in front of their consoles and televisions. What’s more is that the American Federation of Scientists have refocused their efforts on creating positive gaming experiences that build player’s skills, enabling them to be successful in the workplace. In fact, the very strategies that today’s video games require are the same strategies necessary to flourish in today’s business markets. The inverse cultural perception of the video game industry is a revolutionary and increasingly popular trend, solidly routed in the fundamental skills these games build.

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