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November 06, 2006

Virtual Earth...Virtual Ads

<b><font size=+2>Virtual Earth...Virtual Ads</font></b>
This afternoon (11/6/'06) Microsoft unveiled its entry into the 3-D internet cartography market: MICROSOFT VIRTUAL EARTH . This program aims to spar with the likes of Google's Google Earth . While Microsoft's new release seems to cover less geography at present than Google's offering, Microsoft's program purports to boast staggering detail of the areas it does cover. Based on airplane photography, the images will be integrated into search software on INTERNET EXPLORER and WINDOW'S VISTA . This is in contrast with Google Earth, which stands alone as a desktop item. Bill Gates' firm seeks to bring the most realistic 3-D modeling to market with Virtual Earth. However, this facet is somewhat overshadowed by the prevalence of that scrourge of internet tranquility: OMNIPRESENT ONLINE ADVERTISING. Microsoft seeks to inject reality into Virtual Earth by creating plenty of adspace in astonishing resolution. If it's emblazoned in technicolor over some billboard, poster, etc in real life, you can make a bet it shows up on VE in equally annoying detail. What's more, users of VE are badgered with opportunities to CLICK TO LEARN MORE about the ads that litter this virtual landscape. While this resembles a crafty bit of marketing integration on Microsoft's part, it could prove to be a real nuissance to users. This looks to be another standard feature of Vista that could either make or break the new OS, based on users' approval or distaste.


Posted by danepr at November 6, 2006 09:14 PM


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