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November 18, 2007

Leafs win Battle of Ontario...Finally

It took them four tries to win in the Battle of Ontario but the Leafs finally put together a decent game getting a 3-0 win against the Senators on Saturday night at the ACC. Toskala was masterful in the third, getting better as the game went on against the high powered Sens offense.

This is a huge win for the Leafs. It snaps their 3 game losing streak and gives them a victory over a team who has been close to unbeatable this year. I know it is far to early to start talking about the playoffs but this is the type of game the Leafs are going to have to play to be successful in the post season: solid goal tending, a good defensive performance, especially from the McCabe and Kaberle pairing and good offensive performances Sundin and Tucker.

Posted by dbrait at November 18, 2007 07:32 PM