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February 03, 2007

Movies: The Negotiator

The Negotiator
Directed by F. Gary Gray
Screenplay by James DeMonaco and Kevin Fox
Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, David Morse

You can view the trailer here: Trailer

The Negotiator is a great action-drama movie that everyone should see at least once.  Danny Roman, Samuel L. Jackson, is a police negotiator who is framed for his best friend's murder and stealing from the police retirement fund.  Roman is guilty in everyone's eyes, even his close police friends, so he takes an FBI building hostage to attempt to prove his innocence. Chris Sabian, who is played by Kevin Spacey, is a hostage negotiator from another precinct who then attempts to talk down Roman, while also combating who is telling the truth in Roman's own precinct.

The plot to this movie is extremely intricate and suspenseful.  Throughout the movie you are constantly questioning who set up Roman in his own department.  As the movie unfolds small details are revealed, leading to a climactic ending when the true "bad guys" are revealed. Samuel L. Jackson makes this movie amazing through his acting, depicting Roman as a desperate man willing to do anything to clear his name.  After watching this movie you may find yourself repeating many of Danny Romans lines from the movie.  If your ever bored on a Saturday night, I defiantly recommend renting this movie. 

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