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March 31, 2007

Movies: The Lookout

The Lookout
Directed by Scott Frank
Screenplay by Scott Frank
Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jeff Daniels

You can view the trailer here: Trailer

The Lookout is about a star high school athlete, Chris Pratt, who's life changed after a tragic car accident. This accident changes his personality and upsets his memory of his past life. He is now a different person to friends and family. For money, he works as a janitor at a bank, but strives to be a bank teller. Unfortunately he gets mixed in with a group of people who want to rob the bank, which starts the trouble in this movie.

This movie was sub-par to say the least.  The acting was great and really portrayed the characters well, but the plot was very predictable after seeing the trailer.  I also did not like that the trailer left out the fact a key part of the plot, that Chris Pratt was now mentally challenged.  As the movie progressed, character's motives and personalities were easily predictable since all they were all designed in a simple manor. 

All in all the movie was alright, but not something you would want to see unless you were bored and it was on television. It was not anything special and made me feel like I wasted two hours of my time and ten dollars.


Posted by diamantj at March 31, 2007 03:37 PM


I can't take this movie seriously simply becuase the main character played an alien on Third Rock from the Sun, sorry Joe.

Posted by: vatran at April 19, 2007 11:09 AM

And maybe because hes retarded the whole movie

Posted by: diamantj at April 19, 2007 11:30 AM

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