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September 19, 2007

RSS Basic

Searching blogs is a great way to find information, especially about stocks. Blogs are the hottest way right now for people to publicly publish their opinions and ideas. Therefore by searching blogs, I am able to find many peoples ideas about a certain stock and their reasons for liking or hating it. Many of these blog search engines allow me to quickly add the feeds to my bloglines, which is a great feature for convenience and acceptance of these new tools. I also like how the search results are similar to Google, especially Google's own blog search (never would have figured that). Lastly, while not only providing me with the actual blog post, lower in the result it provides me with the site that the post was on. This allows me to go to the general blog site, which I might find more articles that I enjoy.

I find the most interesting tools being Google Blog Search, Yahoo Pipes, and the bloglines tool bar. The Google Blog Search is great since it allows me to accomplish my goal above, which is to easily locate information and opinions. It allows me to search new and old blogs to find relevant information.

The Yahoo pipes feature has to be the best thing I have ever seen. It allows me to easily manipulate RSS feeds to my needs. Since the interface is graphical it allows even the non tech computer user the ability to use this feature. Their videos also help the novice computer user even more. I used this feature to filter out results from the Wall Street Journal feed for Google news results. I first added the URL for the feed, then added a filter for only permitting Google in the title bar. Lastly, I added the output interface and published my results. Then I easily clicked add to my bloglines and it immediately worked. Now I can add news from multiple sources and filter for the same Google news; therefore providing me news for google from different sources all in one place, saving me time. Lastly, I liked the usability of the bloglines tool bar. Sometimes when I am just searching the internet, and not looking for blogs, I find a blog I like. By having a button to quickly add the site, it saves me the time of finding the exact feed link (which is usually very hard to do).

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