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October 31, 2007

Google Alerting

Well everyone who used the features might think "Wow this alerting stuff is cool, but it isn't anything more than I could do myself." Well thats what I thought until last night when one of my alerts hit a match. My business topic is on Online Gaming Gambling. Basically there are companies out there right now where you can send out challenges for money on video games and then find players to play against. Anyway, I was only able to find two websites before now (sharkwaters.com and gorillagamer.com). Last night, one of my Google alerts "competitive online gaming" OR "online game gambling" found a new site called compete4cash.com from a press release. Without this Google alert, it would have been almost impossible to find this article and site. Instead of setting up a search once and looking at emails once a day for matches, I would have had to search Google or other sites each day. This would be very time consuming and obviously a waste of time. So thanks Dr. Moore! This is living proof that this stuff works, saves people time, and enlightens users.

The only problem I have seen with these alerts is that sometimes I get a lot of junk results. This, however, isn't that bad of an annoyance since I can easily see the result is not a valid one.

I will now use these Google alerts outside this class for other news and items I like to track.

Posted by diamantj at October 31, 2007 09:21 AM


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