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October 31, 2007

Google Alerting

Well everyone who used the features might think "Wow this alerting stuff is cool, but it isn't anything more than I could do myself." Well thats what I thought until last night when one of my alerts hit a match. My business topic is on Online Gaming Gambling. Basically there are companies out there right now where you can send out challenges for money on video games and then find players to play against. Anyway, I was only able to find two websites before now (sharkwaters.com and gorillagamer.com). Last night, one of my Google alerts "competitive online gaming" OR "online game gambling" found a new site called compete4cash.com from a press release. Without this Google alert, it would have been almost impossible to find this article and site. Instead of setting up a search once and looking at emails once a day for matches, I would have had to search Google or other sites each day. This would be very time consuming and obviously a waste of time. So thanks Dr. Moore! This is living proof that this stuff works, saves people time, and enlightens users.

The only problem I have seen with these alerts is that sometimes I get a lot of junk results. This, however, isn't that bad of an annoyance since I can easily see the result is not a valid one.

I will now use these Google alerts outside this class for other news and items I like to track.

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October 22, 2007

Why Dapper is so much better than Feed43

Both sites are amazing. Its great to be able to create your own RSS feeds off sites that are too out of date or just plain stupid to not have their own RSS. Now when comparing dapper and Feed43 obviously one is better than the other and it happens to be dapper. Dappers interface is amazing since it is visual and drag and drop. Therefore it is really easy to create RSS feeds for anything you want and good for the computer illiterate person. I was able to figure out Feed43, but since you must choose every rule for every different thing you want, I feel like you need an engineering degree in computer science to be able to use it. It is a lot more complicated and hard to use and perfect your feeds. My feeds from dapper just came about within a few clicks, but with feed43 I had to continue to modify it until I got what I wanted. Lastly, dapper is better since it has a huge base of users who already created feeds. I searched for stocks and found a feed on the SEC filing site. I then created an alert for Visa for IPO filiings since I am very interested in buying this stock when it comes out. Therefore I will not forget to check when Visa will IPO or have to waste my time doing so. Its great to make a computer think and check for me. What an amazing tool.

Today I used Feed43 some more. I got used to it but I feel like it is annoying since you have to actually look at the HTML code. If you do not know HTML, this process would be next to impossible. I still like dapper better since you can visually make the feed, but Feed43 is easy if you know how to read code and what to get a specific results for your RSS.

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October 01, 2007

Technorati or Rojo?

After looking at both of these sites, I really like Technorati much, much, MUCH better. Both of the sites have a obvious category separation on the front page, making it easy to find blogs that you want. Rojo offers a little more information on each blog, but I feel like their site is very basic. I really like how Technorati uses an AJAX code which allows instant updating and interactive site. This will allow users to continue to use their service and instantly be attracted to their site over others. Lastly, I like how on Technorati you can see what is popular right now. Rojo and Technorati both allow you to search and see recent news feeds.

Recently I have been using Technorati more for my term project and notice that it is very beneficial. It has allowed me to find new blogs about all the stocks i have been searching for. Additionally it has helped me find new picks and trends to watch out for the coming week.

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