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October 01, 2007

Technorati or Rojo?

After looking at both of these sites, I really like Technorati much, much, MUCH better. Both of the sites have a obvious category separation on the front page, making it easy to find blogs that you want. Rojo offers a little more information on each blog, but I feel like their site is very basic. I really like how Technorati uses an AJAX code which allows instant updating and interactive site. This will allow users to continue to use their service and instantly be attracted to their site over others. Lastly, I like how on Technorati you can see what is popular right now. Rojo and Technorati both allow you to search and see recent news feeds.

Recently I have been using Technorati more for my term project and notice that it is very beneficial. It has allowed me to find new blogs about all the stocks i have been searching for. Additionally it has helped me find new picks and trends to watch out for the coming week.

Posted by diamantj at October 1, 2007 10:14 AM


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