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November 12, 2007

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a very common topic in this class. As the class goes on, we have learned more and more ways to aggregate them and use them for our research. RSS feeds are great for news sites or sites that have constant content updates. I am able to view updates on all of my content sites without spending them time at each website. Instead, my bloglines has two folders, stocks and technology, and I can get all the news that I need for the week. This obviously saves me time and allows me to spend more time analyzing the data at hand. Feed43 has allowed me to make RSS easily for sites with constant news updates but that did not have RSS. My business topic does not have much news updates, however, so I set up many Google Alerts to monitor the pages and updated Google search content. This works really well since I am given emails of new spot gambling sites or sites that link to it recently, which is more of what I am looking to do for this topic.

I found, however, that these are more useful than page monitors. Page monitors are pretty useless in my opinion. They are too static and have too many false positives. By creating your own RSS feed or using one that exists, you can monitor news or items that change. Then you can look at it and view the ones that seem interesting or useful. Page monitors provide me with too much garbage with ends up deterring me from even looking at the data presented.

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