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November 12, 2007

Search Tools

I have been using all of the search tools taught to us in this class so far. I have found Google Alerts and a custom Google search box the best. The Google alerts has provided me with so many updates and new pages that I would not be able to find unless I searched for these queries every day. Instead I get emails of all of the new results which provides me with a simple way to view all of this data. Obviously this saves me lots of time.

Google custom search is a great feature. I added a script to both of my Wikis so that I can easily search for new content when I am in or out of class. I customized the searches by adding a bunch of stock or gaming websites that I want Google to focus on the most. This allows me to get results that are ranked based on my algorithm. Google search is great but it is based on the general public. By giving Google sites that I want it to focus on, I skew the results towards the type that I need and want.

Posted by diamantj at November 12, 2007 04:37 PM


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