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December 05, 2007

Last Blog Entry

If you look at my first blog post this semester, I made it seem (mostly because I thought) I knew everything there was to do about search, except I obviously did not. The course forced me to start using different search engines depending on what I needed. I realize that Yahoo is actually useful for category searches and that I should sometimes use a blog or podcast search engine depending on what kind of stuff I am looking for. I guess I fell into the trap thinking that Google was the best search engine all around and would work the best for everything I needed. I also learned how to create RSS feeds through Dapper and Feed43, and then aggregate them to BlogLines to save me time. There was so much public data that I was missing information when I was searching. I did know how to use Wikis though but it was nice to see it taught and see different ways to use them. Its also helpful to get familiar with a different wiki program since each has their own specific formatting syntax. I wish they were the same though.

To go into more depth, Dapper, Feed43, Technorati, and Google Alerts are most likely the best tools I learned about in this class. Just searching on Technorati allowed me to find blogs that were relevant to the topic I followed, especially for stocks. Using RSS feeds also helped me keep track of news, without having to actively looking for it. Instead the news came to me. Google Alerts served the same purpose since news, blog entries, and new web sites were emailed to me. Lastly Dapper and Feed43 worked out well once I started utilizing RSS. You would think that every site would have RSS feeds now, but thats not always the case. Therefore I was able to create my own and follow the exact updates I wanted. Amazing...

I will definitely use Google Alerts, Dapper, and Bloglines after this class. With Bloglines and Google Alerts, I can save time each day and, again, look at my email instead of searching for new stuff each day. Also its nice to have it come each day in case I was busy and missed a day of updates (God forbid). RSS feeds are probably the best thing I did not use before. Again it keeps the news coming to me saving me time in my busy lifestyle.

I loved how Google and Yahoo came to class and presented. It was really nice to see what they had to say about their business models and how the industry is changing. Page monitors, however, I think should be removed from the class. Even though they are useful, they are very outdated and there are better tools used to monitor sites that I have found. Dapper and Feed43 can do the same thing but is much, much more customizable. Page monitors are dead since they are very static.

Thanks again for teaching this class. I found it very informative and useful.

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