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November 12, 2007

Places to play

During my first experience at the University of Michigan- freshman orientaion- I was shocked that I could not find a ping pong table. I was also told that in college I would find a plethora of ping pong competition and I would be able to take my game to the next level. Well, for orientation and most of first semester, I was let down.

I always knew there was the Table Tennis Club that met in the Sports Coliseum, but I also wanted other places to play that were more convenient. Getting to the Sports Coliseum on the corner of Hill and Division from Markley was never fun. Over the course of first semester, however, I started finding new places to play in many different locations.

The two tables at Markley were the first I played at on a regular basis. Two halls decided to buy tables for their lounges, and after that, there were always people playing on the tables. Although the lounges were large enough for the ping pong tables, the furniture is not allowed to leave the room so it crowds the playing space. Also, there are times where the room is in a very rough condition from the night before. I've seen all kinds of bodily fluids around the ping pong table.

Pros: Very convenient locations with good lighting.
Cons: Expect to see some awful things if you play before the cleaning crew gets to the room.

East Hall, Math Lounge
Math majors have the best student lounge on campus. On a balcony two floors above the atrium they have a great Butterfly Roll-away table with lots of natural lighting and plenty of room. Everything about the place is perfect, except for the guilt you feel from ruining the eerie silence of the lounge.
Pros: Awesome table.
Cons: The table feels out of place nestled among the students sleeping during their class breaks.

Be sure to check these places out if you are looking for some more playing time!

Posted by djablons at November 12, 2007 06:07 PM