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November 18, 2007

Places to Play, round 2.

Last week we covered some tables that were in more recreatonal settings. This week I want to focus on tables designed for competitive play, where the familiar game of ping pong transforms into the intense sport of table tennis.

In the labryinth-esque basement of the CCRB there is a table hidden in one of the racquet ball courts. Although it rarely gets used, the setting is perfect for playing. The entire racquetball court is dedicated to just one play table which means you can finally play twenty feet away from the table and not trip over another player, furniture, or bump into a wall like you would in any other setting on campus. This allows for rallies to incorporate more forehand slams and topspin loops creating an athletic game of table tennis. Also, because the table is in a court, the lights are high above the table, perfectly lighting the court and not creating any irritating glare. Overall the playing conditions are one of the best on campus.
Pros: Perfect court conditions.
Cons: There is only one table so you may have to wait.

The Sports Coliseum
Most people on campus will never even know what or were the Sports Coliseum is. For the record, it is the old warehouse building on the corner of Hill and Division. Most people pass by it every football saturday, but few are ever in the area aside from those game days. Despite its lack of fame, this is where the best table tennis players meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the school year. Each time, nine competition style tables are set up for the Wolverine Table Tennis Club to compete. Here you will see the highlight reels from ESPN brought to life watching ranked players compete againse each other. Although some of the tables have minor blemishes, the Sports Coliseum has a great facility for playing table tennis. Just watch out for your opponents, they are not your average players. The table tennis club meets from 7-9, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Pros: Great Competition with lots of room to move
Cons: Expect your ego to disappear and to lose all confidence in your game after facing the competition.

Pictured above are players from the Michigan Club team, Etienne Bandelier, Rohan Khubchandani, Bhargav Avasarala, and Vincent Lam, the reigning champions of the Ohio National Table Tennis Tournament.

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