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December 07, 2007

"Table Tennis at the Next Level" Review

Recently I saw an instructional DVD titled Table Tennis the Sport for sale on eBay for just $12. At that price I figured I had to try out the DVD, so four days later I was sitting with my face pressed up against my computer screen watching the tape (with my room mates laughing behind me).

Beneath the cheesy 80s music and the powerpoint-esque transitions, the film has a lot of quality information. It progresses from the basic grip to footwork, and it includes step-by-step information for all normal shots such as the loop, the chop, and the block.

With each of the strokes the narrator breaks the shot down showing the strokes from multiple angles and the spin is diagrammed by a computer program which gives you a whole new perspective of returning tricky under spin.

At just twelve dollars this is a great purchase.

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