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October 26, 2010

Day three

Day three got off to a gentle start. I decided to take some "me" time and have a casual breakfast and watch the #L2010 trend on twitter. Boy, I regret not being at the keynote. Apolo Ohno was much more inspirational that I thought. The tweets were absolutely great. I plan to re-read them and capture the highlights. But, it was nice to have a break from the activity and have a nice breakfast.

First session I went to was on Cognitive Load Theory (CLT). It featured how Comcast used it to deploy rapid training to new door-to-door sales team members. CLT focuses on the working memory and not the long term memory. Comcast was able to bring new members to 100% proficiency in just 90 days and in six months, they were meeting and exceeding results from veteran workers with five years of experience. CLT uses the subject complexity, training presentation, and learners prior experience to predict the learning outcome. Leaning is absorbed in a bandwidth manner with three types of bandwidth. 1. Germane type is increased by examples 2. Extraneous is absorbed quickly by the way it is designed 3. Intrinsic focuses on the complexity of basic characteristics. They began by giving an example and letting the learner complete a scenario. Reminded me of story problems. Also focused on the value to the learning the "what's in it for me". A focus on the critical stuff is essential to avoid overload with training everything. The use of two media (Visual and audio) reinforces the learning. This is done by eliminating the non-essential information and covering that with performance support. Also important to follow-up with the supervisor and let them know what should have been learned so they can re-inforce it in real life. Electronic simulations are used with an open branching technique. The learning can choose different paths of approach and they get feedback at the end on how they did. Overall I found that I've designed much of my training in this manner. It was very re-assuring and also brought up some additional questions and ideas. Where can I take it from here? More to come.

I did pick up a few points of interest at the afternoon general session. Betsy Myers talked about counter-intuitive leadership. The overall message is that when people feel their best, the company profits. She also discussed the role of listening. When unhappiness arises, don't get defensive or argumentative, but rather, just invite them in and simply listen to their side. She also mentioned faux listening. This could be when someone is multi-tasking while attempting to listen or by having someone else do the listening for them. Don't outsource listening. She closed by suggesting we all ask ourselves what in our lives fulfills us. Life is too fast. She suggested making two columns, one on what we love and one on what we loath. This will help put things into perspective and give us a game plan on what we need to adjust in our lives.

Short blog tonight, I know. I think I'm reaching the point of needed to digest the information now. There are so many empowering speakers, presenters, and colleagues. Having a great time and even met up with a college fraternity brother tonight. Another wonderful day.

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