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July 15, 2006

A Date with the Dems

Last night I volunteered at the Ann Arbor Democratic Party office to do phone canvassing, which involved calling registered voters to ask which issues were most important to them and how they are planning to vote in the fall election. I called 114 people, and got nine of them to take the survey, which seems like a pretty low yield. Most people were very polite with me when I identified myself as a volunteer with the Democratic Party, even the two people who said that they plan to vote Republican. One woman, however, got totally paranoid about the fact that I was calling her. She asked whether I had her address in addition to her telephone number (yes), what other information I had about her (age and sex), where that information came from (County Clerk -- it's public record), and who was paying me to call her (I'm not being paid, that's what volunteer means). Given the fact that she is planning to vote for the Democratic candidates, I couldn't believe how accusatory she was being. Its not like I was asking for money or anything; all I'm doing is trying to help get her preferred candidates reelected. I know it sucks to get a phone call from a random stranger on Friday evening in the middle of dinner, but isn't it better than having Dick DeVos as our next governor?

Posted by eklanche at July 15, 2006 02:07 PM


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