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July 22, 2006

Art Fair -- Finally

I guess I'm not a real townie, because I don't have strong feelings one way or the other about Art Fair. Word has it that true Ann Arborites either love it or hate it. Either they hate having hundreds of thousands of people descend on downtown, making it impossible to get anywhere on what are always the four hottest days of the summer, or they love the fact that, for four days, Ann Arbor becomes the center of attention, drawing interesting people from all over the country. My cousin Becky, who grew up here, but now goes to grad school in Pittsburgh, loves art fair, and comes back for it almost every year. So for me, the best part of Art Fair is getting to see Becky. I do also enjoy being able to walk right down the center of Liberty street without having to worry about traffic, and I love the people watching. Somehow Art Fair brings out all the crazies. Yesterday Becky met me at the Granholm table just as my shift was ending, and we walked around a bit, so I finally got to see some of the art. Some of it is pretty neat and some of it seems totally useless. Yesterday I saw someone walking down the street with a large fake palm tree. I couldn't help wondering what one would even do with such a thing, except maybe open a tiki bar?

Posted by eklanche at July 22, 2006 11:45 AM


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