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July 30, 2006

Happy Birthday, House

Yesterday David and I celebrated our two-year anniversary of becoming homeowners. Actually, we didn't so much celebrate as say, "hey, we bought our house two years ago today. Can you believe it? Time flies." On July 29, 2004, we went to the title company, signed all the papers, and have voted Republican ever since. Just kidding. Buying our house did have somewhat of a conservatizing effect on us -- we never had a housewarming party because we didn't want to have to clean up after our friends -- but, as David points out, we haven't become NIMBYs. We have actually lived in this house much longer than two years: David moved in in July 2000 and I moved in in September 2002, and we were very lucky to be able to buy the house we were already living in. Our landlord just happened to have recently married and moved to Chicago, and he was glad to be able to get rid of the Ann Arbor property. We looked at other houses but didn't see anything in our price range that we liked nearly as well. Not that the house is perfect. It is in a flood plain, which means that we have to pay over $100 every month for federal flood insurance and we can never enlarge the footprint of the house. It also lacks some important modern conveniences, notably a shower. But we get by. In the past two years David has totally relandscaped the front and back yards and painted the study purple (at my request). He also took the door off the wooden medicine cabinet and stripped the cabinet and the door, but he has not yet refininished either one, so the door is currently sitting on the floor of the bathroom and, whenever we want to use the mirror, we have to prop it up on the towel rack. I just hope it gets done before we want to sell the place, or else we will have to explain why there is neither a medicine cabinet nor a shower!

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