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July 18, 2006

I Guess I'll Never be a Townie

On Sunday, the Ann Arbor News printed a list titled You know you're a townie if you... and one of the items was "go to a church that shares space with a temple." This is a reference to Genesis of Ann Arbor, the building shared by Temple Beth Emeth and St. Clare's Episcopal Church. But what about those of us who go to a synagogue that shares space with a church? The implication is that members of St. Clare's are townies, while members of TBE are not. In other words, Jews are not Ann Arborites, but are a foreign presence that Ann Arborites tolerate and share their "church" space with because Ann Arborites are so open-minded. The statement that "you know you're a townie if you...go to a church that shares space with a temple" attempts to differentiate Ann Arborites from those in the surrounding communities by suggesting that Ann Arborites are different (and better) because (gasp) they live near Jews! This statement attempts to pat Ann Arborites on the back for being so generous toward those (foreign) Jews, yet at the same time it tells us Jews that we are not now, and never will be, real townies.

Posted by eklanche at July 18, 2006 10:55 AM


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