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July 22, 2006

Local Politics

Yesterday, Ron Suarez came by my house to tell me that he is running for the First Ward seat on the Ann Arbor City Council. I had never had someone who was running for office come by my house to specifically tell me about their platform, so I thought it was pretty cool that he was out on his bike on a Friday evening doing that. David, however, was not impressed, and even used the f-word when I told him that Suarez had come by.

I'm still getting used to the political scene here in Ann Arbor. When Suarez saw my Granholm t-shirt, he said "well, I can see you are a Democrat" and went on to explain to me that our whole City Council race would be decided in the primary elections on August 8, because there are no Republicans running. On the one hand, I am glad to live in such a Democratic stronghold. I feel comfortable here. But I can just imagine how persecuted local Republicans must feel. I would never vote for a Republican for any legislative, executive, or judicial office, but it still makes me sad that they don't even feel that they can run for office in Ann Arbor: that they have an ice cube's chance in Hell. Though, as we all know, Hell does freeze over annually, and, as David reminded me, it was only six years ago that Ann Arbor had a competent and well-respected Republican mayor.

But now, we pretty much just have left and lefter. Yesterday, Ellen Goodman (who is now my absolute favorite columnist!) published a column in response to Bush's veto of the new stem cell legislation about how he is driving a wedge between the right and the "loony right." Here in Ann Arbor, the choice is between left and lefter. The lefter faction (yes, I realize that is gramatically incorrect) opposes downtown development and pretty much wants to turn the whole city into a park. The craziest proposal is to create a greenway that would run right through where my house is now. Needless to say, I like my house and want it to stay where it is. I would also like to see more development and density downtown, which I guess puts me on the right side of leftist politics. Only in Ann Arbor.

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