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July 14, 2006

Some Like it Hot

David and I live in an old (1920s), poorly-insulated house. In the winter we pay a fortune to keep it at sixty-eight degrees, and in the summer we power up the window air conditioner in the bedroom just about every night. David has suggested several times that we get central air, and I have resisted, arguing that, even if we could afford to have it installed, running it would break the bank. But the truth is that I just don't like air conditioning. I love having the windows open, being able to hear my neighbors (and, yes, the nearby construction and road work), and sitting on the porch. Even in the car I prefer windows to air because it makes me feel at least a little bit more part of the world and less like I'm in my own private bubble. And when it is super-hot outside, spending time in an air-conditioned environment just makes the weather that much less bearable. Granted, there are times when it really is just way too hot. But the fun thing about not having central air is that we are then forced out of the house and into the world: to the movies, to a cafe, or even to Costco, where we went one day last summer to escape the heat. Or we are forced into the bedroom, which can also be fun ;)

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