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July 23, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The best thing about having friends with season tickets to the Tigers is that they give their tickets to us when they go out of town! This was the second game David and I have been to this season (together, that is -- he also went on opening day), and the first one we have seen the Tigers win. Despite the fact that it is their best season ever, they lost the game we took my mom to see, which was a bummer because it was her first time in Detroit. But we still had fun, as we did today. We got a sweet parking spot on the street not too far from the stadium, and our seats were right behind third base, giving us a great view of Brandon Inge, the Tigers' sex symbol. My favorite Tiger, however, is Omar Infante, who plays second base, but can't seem to hit to save his life. Nevertheless, the Tigers were on fire today. They scored six runs in the first inning, which is more than I had ever seen them score in an entire game!

On the way back, we passed a deli called Asian Corned Beef. David was hungry curious, but a bit nervous because the place was super-sketchy. In the end, curiosity won out. What, we wondered, was Asian corned beef? And who would be in there? It turned out to be a pretty standard Detroit deli, but they also serve eggrolls, and the specialty of the house is, you guessed it, corned beef eggrolls. David liked them pretty well, and said they reminded him of the Irish eggrolls at Sidetrack in Ypsi. Those are stuffed with pickles, ham, and cheese. I'm still holding out for the chocolate eggroll, which must exist somewhere...

Posted by eklanche at July 23, 2006 05:33 PM


Grandpa says:

I have a routine featuring the Tigers and Oakland A's at a game with Richard and
Michael. Save that for another "That Was Then Review." However, I always had a soft spot in my
heart for the Tigers, although the NY GIANTS was my team (autographs, scorecards, the works).
Why the Tigers? My cousin, now deceased, grew up with Hank Greenberg, the famous Jewish slugger from The Bronx, NY. Hy told me stories about their times together before Hank became famous, and even afterward, when the Tigers played the Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

As for the corned beef, it comes in many forms. My experience with CB came at a diner in Binghamton, New York. Termed "Original NY Corned Beef," it came in a plastic package, and "we boiled it very well."

Posted by: eklanche at July 25, 2006 10:40 AM

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