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July 07, 2006

Top of the Park

Last night David and I finally went to Top of the Park for the first time this year with our friend Ken. The band, Tally Hall, was quite good, though we didn't have a chance to really sit, watch, focus, and listen. This local band is in the process of becoming quite well known, in part through being featured on The OC, a show I have never seen but that has a reputation for airing the music of a lot of up-and-coming new bands. It is also supposedly one of the few television shows with openly-Jewish characters, and even had a seder episode.

Top of the Park's new venue offers many more amenities than the old one did -- a wider bathroom selection (which definitely came in handy), grass to sit on, shady areas, and a fountain -- but I missed the enclosed nature of the old venue, which allowed the kids to do laps around and around and was much more conducive to people-watching. David's complaint was that there weren't enough tables in the beer garden area. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun hanging out with Ken and being outside listening to a fantastic band on a spectacular evening.

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