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August 29, 2006

Go Blue

It amazes me that, wherever I go in the world, I find people wearing University of Michigan paraphernalia. Even in Ghana! Yesterday we were in the parking lot of a golf course in Glendale (we don't golf -- we just parked there to explore the L.A. River), and the guy getting out of the car next to ours had a hat with a block M on it. It was so out of context that I had to ask David if it was indeed a Michigan hat. He confirmed my suspicion, so I yelled "Go Blue" to the guy, who it turns out, didn't go to UM himself but is the son and grandson of Michigan alumni. He said that he grew up in L.A. but with the Michigan jersey on. Again, it is a very small world.

Posted by eklanche at August 29, 2006 01:52 PM


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