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August 30, 2006

Home Again, Home Again

David and I are home, and I am totally exhausted. Our flight was at 7am, so we had to get up at three and leave my mom's house at 4. There was absolutely no traffic on the freeway (until we got to the 405, that is -- there is always traffic on the 405), so we got to the airport very quickly, which was a good thing. Apparently, 7am on a Wednesday is just about the most popular time to fly. We had to wait in line forever, first to check our luggage, then to get to the security area, and finally to get through security. And at LAX, there is a $2 charge (per back) to check in curbside, gratuity not included. So the whole thing cost us $8 (two bags and a 100% tip), and we didn't even get priority tags this time! But we had aisle seats and our flights were right on schedule, so we couldn't really ask for more. This time our layover was in Memphis, so David had barbecue for lunch. Somehow, even though I slept more on the plane than he did (I can sleep in an aisle seat, as long as I have a big strong man to lean on), he is out partying with his dad, while I am at home trying not to fall asleep until after dinner!

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