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August 25, 2006

L.A. African Fashions

The other day, my mom showed me a piece of cloth from Tanzania that her boyfriend's mother gave her. She wasn't sure what to do with it, and asked me if I wanted it. It was a huge piece, definitely enough for several articles of clothing, so I suggested that we find a tailor and get matching skirts made. Furthermore, since we are in Los Angeles, I thought we might even be able to find an African tailor. So we consulted the Yellow Pages and, sure enough, found L.A. African Fashions, located on Crenshaw in South Central. We brought the cloth over yesterday and got measured for our skirts. The tailor wasn't terribly personal, but seemed very competent. He looked at the skirt I brought in as a model, drew some sketches, measured us, and said the skirts would be ready in a week. The shop looked a lot like the dressmakers I have seen in Africa, except for the fact that it was in a building rather than a shipping container! The tailor actually shared a building with another store, Taj Mahal Imports, which seemed to mostly sell incense and Islamic books and paraphernalia. While we were in there, David got solicited by the Black Panthers and donated money to help them overthrow the government. L.A. is a pretty diverse place -- one day we were in Elat, the next day in Accra/Agra!

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