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August 04, 2006

Living in the Dark Ages

David and I are just about the only people we know who don't have cell phones. For a long time, I just didn't want one. I didn't talk to that many people, and I liked being unreachable when I wasn't at home. Recently, however, it has started to seem like it might come in handy. Twice already this year my land line has conked out, and I have had to go to pay phones to call the phone company to get it fixed. And there are fewer and fewer working pay phones around now that everybody has cell phones. When David and I visited my Dad in Pittsburgh last month, we got there a few hours late as a result of car repairs, baseball traffic, and road construction. When we finally did show up, my dad was sitting on his front porch with a phone in each hand, just waiting for us to call. I had called from a pay phone in Ohio, but once we got caught up in Pittsburgh traffic, there was nowhere to call from. He begged us to get a cell phone.

The excuse we have been giving people when they ask why we don't have cell phones is that we need to have the land line to dial into the internet, and we can't afford to have both a land line and two cell phones. Which then provokes the question, "you use dial up?" Apparently, we are the only people who do that too. I guess we haven't quite caught on to the fact that the twentieth century really is over. In January, the University of Michigan will be discontinuing its dial-up internet service because not enough people are taking advantage of it, and then we will have run out of excuses. No more dial up, no more need for a land line, no excuse not to go cellular. So it looks like David and I will finally enter the twenty-first century in 2007. Seven years late isn't too bad, right? Maybe we will even get digital cameras and ipods!

Posted by eklanche at August 4, 2006 10:20 AM


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