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August 23, 2006


Okay, I'll admit it, the beach was actually a lot of fun. David, my mom, and I went down to Santa Monica Beach yesterday, to lifeguard station #26 (think Baywatch), which is where we used to go on field trips in elementary school. My school was about four blocks from the ocean, so we went all the time. Even though it was close to 100 degrees here in Eagle Rock, it was actually a bit chilly on the beach. Well, I thought it was chilly, but David assured me the weather was just fine. We sunbathed a while (with 45 SPF sunscreen on -- no cancer for me, thank you), then David coaxed me into the water. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to jump the waves. It was cold at first, but once we were thoroughly soaked, it was just fine. Eventually, however, I got pulled under and slammed to the ground by a big wave. It felt as though water had been forced into my head through my ears! But it was still a lot of fun.

After we finished swimming, we visited my old Hot Dog on a Stick location at Muscle Beach. This was the original Hot Dog store, which opened in 1946. Supposedly, Dave Barham, the founder of HDOS, actually invented the corndog. I worked there during the summer that they celebrated their fiftieth anniversary; this summer they are celebrating their sixtieth, which makes me feel rather old. When I worked there, hot dogs were $1.75. Now they are $2.50. This probably makes the math easier -- we had to add up the prices mentally; no cash register for us -- but just seems way too much for a turkey hot dog fried in cornbread.

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