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August 20, 2006


Tomorrow at this time, David and I will be getting on a plane to go to Los Angeles to visit my family. Actually, we will be getting on a plane to Indianapolis, where we will then get another flight to Los Angeles. But in any case, my next post will likely be from there. We are bringing the computer, and my mom has high-speed internet, so we can just plug right in and stay in touch. Maybe someday we will even get cell phones, so we can call people while we are traveling too! We just went over the TSA's list of prohibited items to see what we can and can't bring on the plane. The new rules make eating a real difficulty -- they don't serve food on the plane, and you can't bring any kind of liquidy foods, such as yogurt, and for sure not hummus -- only terrorists eat that! But I can still bring my knitting needles and, most importantly, my new Bitch magazine. Bitch is my favorite magazine for air travel because it is so text-heavy. Even on a transcontinental flight, I won't run out of reading material. Our friend Dave, who travels a lot for work, also enjoys reading Bitch on the plane, so I give him my copies after I finish reading them. He takes the cover off first, though, so he doesn't offend his row-mates!

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